xpStyle components

xpStyle components 2.6

Windows XP-Style Components

xpStyle components is a software application that can copy the classic Windows XP style of interface components. This program is capable of making page and site components in vibrant colors and smooth gradient styles found on most Windows Xp interfaces.

xpStyle components features include xpPanel Component, xpPage Control, xpComboBox component, xpButton component, xpCheckBox component, and xpEdit component.

xpPanel Component enhances client areas, gradient and image filling, title buttons and rounded corners like Windows XP. In xpPageControl, tabs can be placed in different positions: left, right, top, bottom and add image and gradient background to them.

xpBitBtn, xpEdit and xpButton components are capable of making windows components in two different styles: XP gradient style and flat. Other things that you could do with xpStyle components include changing border colors, add glyphs to buttons, and serve as direct replacement to original and default appearance settings.